Midnight Girl

Midnight Girl is a 2D puzzle mystery game. I worked as intern Level Designer on the project in 2020. The game was released on Steam in 2023.

My responsibilities:

  • Level design – design, sketching, setup in Unity
  • Cutscenes – setup cutscenes in Cinemachine in Unity
  • Audio design

Work example

I worked on 4 different levels. Here I will present the one I worked on the most: The Prison. Also called “The Stranger”, in the final game.

My job was to plan the navigation through the level, sketch it out, and lay it out in Unity.

When I joined, the artist/game designer had already designed the rooms and items found in the level, but had yet to figure out a path that would make sense.
Additionally, I set up in-game cutscenes and dialouges in Cinemachine within Unity, and worked on the sound design for the game.

The game takes place in France in 1965. You play as Monique: A young thief who is planning a big heist to get money to reunite with her father.
After a failed attempt at stealing a valuable item, Monique ends up in prison and must break out.

In this level, Monique is now in prison.
She hears another prisoner call to her. It’s the infamous “Night Owl” (Gustave). A big inspiration to her.
They agree to escape together. With the help of Gustave, Monique breaks free from her cell and must sneak around the prison to find a way out.


  1. Laundry room.
  2. Stair case (intersection)
  3. Kitchen.
  4. Monique’s cell (Player start)
  5. Gustave’s cell.
  6. The control room.
  7. Phone room.
  8. The courtyard / outside.


  1. Start in Monique’s cell (4).
  2. Continue through the stair case section (2) to talk to Gustave (5) through the door.
  3. First you must unlock his cell from the control room (6). Exit the building from the door at the ground level of the stair case.
  4. When outside, a cutscene plays, showing Monique that prison vans can drive out through a gate.
  5. Enter the control room from outside. Click the button. This room also contains coins from a “swear jar”.
  6. Go to Gustave. He can’t think of a plan before he gets coffee. Monique reluctantly agrees to get him some. She takes his cup.
  7. Go to the kitchen (3). Use the coins and cup to get coffee from the coffee machine.
  8. Hand Gustave his coffee.
    The plan is to get a disguise and stage a prisoner transfer in a van. Gustave goes looking for keys to the van. Monique goes for a disguise. Gustave hands her a shiv.
  9. With the shiv. Unscrew the vent in lower stair case, next to the phone room (7). Here is a disguise and a door to the second layer of the level.
  10. Dodge patrolling guards.
  11. Meet Gustave in the Warden’s office. He’ll complain that the disguise is dirty.
  12. Go wash and dry the disguise in laudry room (1).
  13. Return to Gustave with the clean disguise.

    Gustave then escorts you outside (8), and you use the prison van to escape together.

I tried to spread out item collection evenly between rooms, to make sure every location served a purpose.

An early version of the level. This included an infirmary, a hammer for a lock on a door, and several keys. It became too many doors to unlock in too many weird ways. We shifted to focus on unique tasks rather than constant door opening. Like doing laundry (while tring to escape). The absurdity of that task made it fun.

Eventually, I switched to doing quicker sketches because I became so visually familiar with the level that drawing was unnecessary. These simply contained names of the locations. This made it much easier and quicker for my own work.
I of course drew it when I needed to present my ideas to the others.

Games for Copenhell

In 2018, I attended a game jam competition where the winners would get their game displayed for the audience at the Copenhell metal festival in Copenhagen. My group and I won with the game “Smadreland Simulator 2018”. The game was based on Copenhell’s own physical activity “DM i destruktion” (Championship in destruction) which is about smashing old cars and appliances with hammers, axes and other weapons.

You can watch a gameplay trailer below. You might want to turn down your volume.

Gameplay trailer shown at the festival in 2018
My responsibilities:
  • Game design
  • Art and animation (half of characters and assets)
  • Backgrounds
  • Sound effects

I continued working with Copenhell in 2019, where we built an arcarde with a lobby system, which included Smadreland Simulator and three additional games.
I created the visuals for the lobby.

The lobby with the 4 games.

The newest version of Smadreland Simulator can be downloaded for Windows here: https://erikandersen.itch.io/smadreland-simulator-2018
The game is for 2-4 players and requires controllers (PC/PS4/Xbox).

The music used in the game is by my friends in Konvent and Xettia.

Plumber Hunt

This game was made for my first year exam project on my bachelor at KADK.
The game is a parody of Super Mario and Duck Hunt.
It’s a 2-player game where one plays as “the plumber” and the other as the “hunter”. The plumber must escape by collecting keys and exiting though a door. Meanwhile, the hunter has to shoot and hit the plumber 3 times in order to win. The game was made by me and an artist.

Stage 1 gameplay

This is a project I am quite proud of, as I did most of the work and the game turned out very successful and seemed very popular those who tried it.

My responsibilities:
  • Game design
  • Level design
  • Unity setup and programming
  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Character design
  • Animation
  • Running playtests

The background and the other assets were made by the artist.

Stage selection screen
Level design

I designed four levels for the game. I attempted to make each one have their own feel, which is why each layout is very different. The diffuculty is also mixed, as some levels are easier for the platformer, and others for the shooter.

Stage 1
Based on observations, the first level seems to be the most balanced, as it’s very different which player wins the match.
One of my important observations is that it seems easier for the platformer, when he/she has the opportunity to progress through the level by jumping to multiple different platforms.
In the first level, the platformer can choose to jump down at the bottom lane if he/she feels pressured. However, the level is a one-way only, making it easy for the shooter to anticipate the platformer’s moves. There is a slight delay between the shooter firing, to the shot landing, which makes anticipaition an important stategy. See the level above.

Stage 2
The second level was an attempt to give the platformer more opportunities to escape, by clustering platforms closer. However, the section with the key is very narrow, and makes it easy for the shooter to land successful shots. Because of this, the shooter has a higher success rate on this level. See below.

Stage 2 gameplay

Stage 3
This was an attempt at something very different. As I mentioned, giving the platformer more options for where he/she can to go, makes it harder for the shooter to anticipate his/hers moves. The platformer has a lot of freedom for this in this level, which is why I made it harder by adding multiple keys – The platformer has to get all of them in order to escape through the door. This makes this level fairly balanced, though still a bit easier for the platformer, as he/she can move around very freely and fast.
The marked area is where the shooter most often lands successful shots. It is slightly similar to the narrow section in stage 2.

Stage 3

Stage 4
Stage four is meant to be the pro-stage. It is aimed at gamers who are used to playing platformers, as it is much harder to land on the platforms. The shooter has a higher success rate in the level.
The level also includes a walljump section along with two required keys.

Stage 4
The music

The music was made to also fit the paroday, and is inspired by the original Super Mario soundtrack. The instruments all resemble the 8-bit sound. The track was made both in a high-tempo gameplay version and a slower lobby version, for selecting stage and breaks in between matches.

In-game soundtrack

The game can be downloaded at https://erikandersen.itch.io/plumber-hunt. The game is for two players and can be played on one keyboard or with controllers.

The Last Jeli

This game was made for my second year exam.

The game is a mulitplayer (up to four) speed-runner. The players plays as gooey alien creatures, which are fleeing the desctruction of their planet. They are running towards a spaceship, which has only one seat available. This means that there can be only one survivor/winner.
The characters each has a “teleportation gun” that shoots beams which will swap the places of the character with whatever it hits – preferably other leading players, as they can take their place in the race.

Gameplay from The Last Jeli

I got to work with my main interests in this project, along with other smaller tasks.

My responsibilities:
  • Level design (modules for procedural generated level)
  • Music and sound effects
  • UI design
  • 3D animation setup in Mixamo
  • Partly game design
Sketches of module design
The level design

The process started when we decided we wanted a procedural generated level to race through. I came up with a lot of sketches (one of them is seen above). I tried to incorporate the gameplay mechanics into the layout as much as possible.
One example is how I placed holes in the environment, which are too small to run through, but big enough to shoot your teleportation beam through, allowing you to take a big shortcut, if you’re successful in hitting another player through the hole.
Another thing I tried was to mix up open areas with Super Mario-like platforming, with narrow corridors and underground areas, allowing for intense gameplay as the teleportation beams can bounce off walls several times.
As perhaps can be seen, I also suggested that all modules could be mirrored, in order to create a larger range of randomization and make the level feel less repetitive, if you are playing for a long time.

The music

Some of the keywords for the music was spacey, exciting and silly. The track was made to increase excitement over time. To do this, layers are continuously added to the track and drums are changed to also increase the sense of pace. Additionally, the tempo is steadily increased over time in an attempt to further rush the players. Listen to the full track below.

Full gameplay soundtrack

I also made a “lobby version” of the track. In this, the tempo is significantly lowered and the instruments are changed to resemble elevator or lounge music, rather than techno and spacey music. Listen to the lobby version below.

Lobby soundtrack

The game is for 2-4 players and requires controllers. You can download it for windows here: https://joakimcarlsen.itch.io/last-jeli

Dogs vs Dinos

A prototype made on the second year of my bachelor. The game was made as an exercise in working with restrictions. The resctrictions for this was was to make a non-violent team based multiplayer game. My group also decided to mix together all of our ideas on the theme, which was dogs, dinosaurs and pirates. The result is as can be seen, a sea battle between a ship manned by dogs against a ship manned by dinosaurs. Whether it is violent or not is up to you to decide. There is no direct attacking or blood, but you do have to sink the other team’s ship (pretty much resulting in drowning them).


I worked with three artists and was the only programmer, meaning I did not do any art or animation but worked only with Unity.

My responsibilities:
  • Game design
  • Setup and programming in Unity
  • Sound effects
  • Running playtests

We have decided to go back to work on the game and hope to have a playable version by the end of 2020.