About me

Halløj and welcome! I am a self-proclaimed nerd in the fields of game design and music. I have a degree in game design from KADK (The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts) in Copenhagen (2020). I also have a degree in Multimedia Design (2015).

Game Design

I have worked in many different fields within game design: Level and game design, 2D art, animation, Unity (C# + setup), playtesting (both as organizer and tester) and last but not least: music and sound effects. I like making my own music for all of my games. However, my main focus in game development is level design.

Other stuff

Outside games I’ve worked with music and video production. I play guitar and bass and use Ableton and Reaper for production. I’ve also made music videos, logos and websites. In 2018 I wrote two articles on INSIDE and Cuphead, these area available in my articles section. Lastly, I have an interest in theater and have been part of a group who arranged social events in streets and at the Roskilde Festival.


Level designer

Internship at Italic, working on the title “Midnight Girl”.

KADK (Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts)

Game design student.


In-house QA

Playtesting and misc. tasks at Die Gute Fabrik.

Vallekilde Højskole

Four months game design course


Multimedia design

Studied at Zealand institute (Erhvervsakademi Sjælland).