Game Jams

I have participated in many games. Jamming has been an opportunity for me to try out different skills. I’ve worked with general game design, music and sound effects, 2D and animation and Unity setup. I have not been programming a lot since there often are a high number of highly skilled programmers at game jams, which have made me look to other tasks in order to get better results at the jams.

In 2019, I decided I wanted to try to be on the other side of the fence of a jam, and participated as volunteer in Nordic Game Jam. My tasks was mainly setting up and taking down jam areas along with technical tasks and supporting jammers at the help desk.
I am not quitting jamming any time soon!

I have two of my game jam games available for download on my itch-site (, which are “Seascraper”(Kaktus Jam 2018) and “Smadreland Simulator 2018″(Copenhell Game Jam 2018). They can also both be found on my portfolio here on this site.

Seascraper (Kaktus Jam 2018)