Level design (Game modding)

Level design might be my main interest in game development. I have always thought of ideas for my own levels/maps for the games I’ve been playing. I have spent countless hours making levels for especially Warcraft 3, Portal (1+2), and Command & Conquer. I have also made levels in a lot of editors for smaller games, such as Shift 3 and Bitsy. Additionally, I have through my childhood years been sketching maps for many games. One example is race tracks for Crash Team Racing.

I will continue working with level design for many other games in the future.

In-game screenshot of my level/test chamber “Big Room”.
Gameplay of “Big Room”.

Below are thumbnails of some of my Portal 2 levels.

You can check out one of my Bitsy games here: https://erikandersen.itch.io/find-your-pet

“Find your pet”